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In case you’re wondering, I’m drinking a ‘feuille d’automne’. Fancy, I know.  (at The Albion Rooms)

British Pathe puts 85,000 newsreels on Youtube - Boing Boing

Glad they put a sign so the dinosaurs know where to go.  (at Parliament of Canada)
I knew a kid who had that in high-school. Super painful, he had to get an operation.  (at Parliament of Canada)
So modern! (at Parliament of Canada)

Listen to "Female Pioneer Credited with Bringing Sound Effects to Radio" on Stitcher

#FMC Full Metal Chicken.  (at West Island)
imgur: the simple image sharer Amazing 2001 photos.
You bastard, what have you done with Snoopy?! (at West Island)
Kinda cool seeing this as you walk down the street. #MtlBlog (at Cité du Multimédia)
This a pretty sophisticated painting of candy canes by a four year old artiste.  (at Somewhere in West Island..)

(via Here’s an hour-long compilation of Paul Stanley’s screaming stage banter during KISS shows - The Strut) “ARRIIITE” check out this hilarious compilation of KISS guitarist Paul Stanley screaming out at the crowd during shows. “MAKE SOME NOISE!” Right Here